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This is a list of finance and accounting websites that we have found useful. It is not an exhaustive list. If you find others that should be on it, have a suggestion for improvement, or just want to let me know you were here, please e-mail Dr. Michael Kinsman.

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In a class by themselves: Great data on almost everything!

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In a class by themselves--data on almost everything! Both of these sites are worthy of your time, and both will make you more productive.

  • SUPERSPOT! Quandl--Data on almost everything. This site is a "must go to" site for someone interested in getting good time series and current data. The author, Tammer Kamal, has done a fabulous job of arranging the material in a logical, useful and easy to find format. This site is, indeed, in a class by itself as a useful resource for student and researcher alike.

    From the front page, one easy way to get to the data you want is to click on the "What kind of data does Quandl have?" list. All data is downloadable and useable.

  • SUPERSPOT! Knoema--Data on almost everything. A second site that has huge amounts of good time series and current data. Perhaps a bit harder to navigate than the one above, the data appears, based on my tests, to be a bit better formatted than the site above. The two sites, in concert provide the serious student, researcher, or just interested observer, superb sources of data from the comfort of your computer screen. A (for now free) login is required, but the process is easy and worthwhile.

    From the front page, type into the box at the top what you want--for example, "Corn Production worldwide." You will get a well formatted table showing the number of tons of corn by year in the producing countries. All data is downloadable and useable.

  • Interesting finance data sources

  • Using your financial calculator. You have a new financial calculator, and you'd like to learn to use it for finance calculations. Try this page, which includes a printable one-page exp lanation of "how to" for your new calculator.
  • Annuity central. There are many kinds of annuities in the world. These sites explain the various types of annuities that you may own. In addition, the sites offer the opportunity to convert your annuity to immediate cash. Please read the webmasters preface to the site before you actually go to the annuity sites shown on the next screen.
  • Amortize your loan. This is a great loan amortization tool. Put in the relevant data--loan amount, interest rate, loan length and how often you pay (from weekly to annually) as well as the date your loan starts. The calculator provides you payment, interest, principal and balance for each payment, and annual interest and principal paid. It's a very nice piece of work, and free!
  • SUPERSPOT! The Money Alert. This is a well set up website that provides a raft of information about markets, personal finances, financial planning, retirement planning, and other financial subject. It is an easy read, with pointers to subjects that all of us will find interesting.
  • Retirement and 401k resources. This is another commercial site that has a great number of very good resources to use for retirement and 401k planning. In addition, they have some blogs that are both delightful and interesting reading. If you ever plan to retire--or if you plan to plan to retire--this is a good website to consult.
  • Retirement Planning Check List. This is a commercial site, with the underlying purpose to sell checks. It is surprising, therefore, to find some good advice regarding retirement on the site, but the site has a number of good references, along with some common sense advice regarding the phases of your life as related to financial planning. Their advice to "get into your company 401K plan" is appropriate--a 401k is a good, painless way to save for retirement. Sometimes companies will make it even easier by helping shoulder some of those retirement costs.
  • Annuity FYI. This website contains a raft of information about Annuities. Annuities are not for everyone--very often, their fees are relatively high and they offer less flexibility than some other investments. However, in the right situation, they can be appropriate vehicles for an investor, particularly one who is risk averse. In addition, this website offers a great number of retirement planning referrals--sites that may be useful as you consider putting away the money that will get you that spot in retirement paradise.
  • Loan Calculator. This is another of the growing number of calculator websites. The calculators seem comprehensive and well done, with a good interface.
  • Global Association of Risk Management website is devoted to risk management, with many intersting links and a lot of information for the investor and the academic.
  • SUPERSPOT! Wachowicz's Web World (WEB sites for discerning finance students). The author of this site is also the co-author of a widely used finance textbook. He has put together an excellent site which includes auxiliary class materials, references to outside readings for chapters of his or any other finance text, and references to websites that finance students will find of use.
  • VentureLine--where everybody has an MBA This site is intended to provide tools to MBA's and non-MBA's alike to help make financial decisions. At this time, much of the material is in beta test, which is probably a good time to try the tools for free!

  • Data on the economy

  • HSH Associates Adjustable Rate Mortgage Indices. So you have an adjustable rate mortgage, and you aren't sure the financial institution has changed your rates correctly. This site show ARM indices to as early as 1975. They are downloadable. In addition, if you are shopping for a home loan, this site can give you an idea of where to look at what to expect to pay.
  • HSH Associates Lender's showcase. Shopping for a new home loan? Want to refinance? HSH has a by-state list of lenders who quote rates and points. A great starting point for getting information. Since HSH is in the business of providing information, and not providing the loan, this is a great site.
  • Internet Bankruptcy Library All kinds of information on bankruptcy, including troubled securities and legal information.
  • Free Online Economic Resources for Kids Although the real purpose of this site is to get people to download coupons, it also contains some interesting answers to economic questions that might be of interest to kids. It was proposed for inclusion in these pages by a Girl Scout Troop in Minnesota. OK, ladies, here it is!
  • Finance/Economics links for journals, working papers, databases, etc. An index of still more finance and economics sources on the web. Interested in the location of a journal? It's here. Interested in working papers? Interested in still more financial data sources? All are here.
  • FRED: The Federal Reserve Electronic Data Downloadable data on the economy and interest rates provided by the Federal Reserve of St. Louis. Prime rates from 1949 to the present by month; lots of other downloadable interest rate data, and lots of other data on the economy. Really worth a look if you need historical data or information on the economy.
  • SEC filings (EDGAR). The SEC's project EDGAR is a current set of SEC filings.
  • U.S. Department of Labor Data. Data on labor trends, price indices and other things that may drive other financial data. This is a place to get data before it gets to your newpaper, while there may still be time to act on it to make money.

    Stock and bond market data sources

  • Bonds Online. Named one of the Smart Money 10 most valuable finance sites on the web, this site contains a huge amount of data on bonds--savings bonds, treasuries, corporate bonds, municipal bonds--including prices and research. If you are interested in fixed income securities, this is a good spot to go.
  • Hoover's MasterList Plus Database. This is a super starting point for gathering stock information on over 9,600 companies. You can get quotes, information on SEC filings, company information, and more. An excellent site.
  • Investopedia As described by its webmaster, Investopedia is your complete, unbiased and easy to understand educational guide to investing and personal finance. The site includes the most comprehensive investing dictionary on the web as well as hundreds of financial tutorials and articles. A very nice site worth the time of any investor, particularly a serious student of investing.
  • J.P. Morgan Investment Bankers. This site, sponsored by JP Morgan & Co., has a huge amount of information on financial instruments. Better than the average brokerage site--this is well organized and seemingly very complete.
  • Merrill Lynch data page. Merrill Lynch is the largest stock broker in the United States. On these pages, they provide data that may help you in making stock selections. These pages also provide information on the broader investment market and on the economy. No endorsement of Merrill Lynch is offered or intended by including this reference.
  • The NASDAQ home page. NASDAQ, the stock market for the rest of us, has a homepage that provides a great deal of information on the smaller companies traded on NASDAQ. This is an interesting site.
  • Prudential Securities website. This is a fairly good stock site, with the usual materials one would expect from a broker.
  • Stock Maven. Stock research center, real time quotes and news, live financial markets data, research tools to evaluate and track stocks of publicly held companies. Free real time streaming ECN quotes software.
  • Yahoo's finance page. Yahoo provides information here on stocks, including very current news; stock quotes; and pointers to lots of useful and interesting sites. A good place to go.

  • Information on commodities

  • Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The new name of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade is...CME Group. This site offers updates on commodities trading on a 10 minute basis. This is your chance to make a bundle. Information on agricultural, currency, equity, and interest futures. The old saying in commodities is, "I've made 5 fortunes in commodities...and lost 6."

  • Miscellaneous useful information

  • Area code finder. If you need to find a telephone area code associated with a particular region of the country, or do a reverse phone search, this site may be of interest to you.

  • ZIP code finder. If you need to find a ZIP code associated with a particular region of the country, this site may be of interest to you.

  • How to sell your car safely I normally would not put up a commercial site here, but this is very well done and the "sell" occurs after a great deal of useful information on selling your car.

  • Finance magazines and papers

  • Fortune Magazine. Fortune Magazine's home page, including stories from the current issue.
  • Finance India This Journal has an impressive board of editors, and will provide good information for academics in finance. Probably not the cup of tea of non-academics.
  • Money Magazine electronic version. This is a very nice summary of some things Money Magazine has to say on a daily basis. You can also request an e-mail version daily, including closing stock prices and other financial information.

  • Accounting data sources

  • Should you get a degree in accounting? Accounting is a great profession with a lot of good opportunities ranging from tax preparers and folks who do bookkeeping through partner in a major accounting firm to controller of a company. This excellent site discusses the ins-and-outs of getting a degree that will prepare you for this profession and see you through to your goal.
  • All about GAAP. has prepared an excellent site on Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). This site is loaded with information that is useful to both students and professionals alike--students to learn about GAAP, professionals to help educate their clients regarding GAAP.
  • California Society of CPA's. A good website by a professional organization of CPAs in California. Probably most useful to a CSCPA member or a student interested in becoming a CPA. California oriented material.
  • An accounting website pointing to other websites. An absolutely amazing array of pointers to other accounting and tax websites, information of use to the accountant, accounting teacher, accounting student, or business person interested in accounting. Dr. Schmidt has pointers to accounting course information; jobs in accounting; accounting firms in the US; non-US accounting; and many others. This site is a must see and is probably the best jumping off point for an accounting search. It may end up being all you need.
  • InfinitAccounting Blog. A blog with pointers to a lot of current and interesting articles.
  • IRS tax forms in PDF. It's 11 o'clock at night, and you need just one more form to finish a tax return. Where do you get it? If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader (available online), you can download a PDF version that you can print and use. Almost any IRS form you could want is here, and the quality is actually higher on our laser printer than the IRS forms we get from the service center.
  • 7 crazy taxes from the US and Abroad. This is a fun site-- seven taxes that, on the surface, may seem outlandish (aren't all taxes you are subject to outlandish!). The first one, though, follows all other state laws pretty well--people get taxed on the place where they work, and a pro athlete generally will be taxed on where he (or she) makes his (or her) money-- on the field of competition. All of these are fun examples of taxes.
  • World wide tax information. This site contains a wealth of information on taxes and tax rates world wide. It also includes a mini-course in double entry bookkeeping. When this site comes to full power, it could be the godzilla of world wide tax sites.

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